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Based in the South-West of England, James Schofield is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and independent record producer, with bass guitar as his main instrument.

Drawn by music of the past, James initially began playing Reggae music but soon discovered and mastered the wonders of slap bass technique. It was afer this that James felt a need to incorporate complex funk inspired bass into his own music.

His ability to faithfully cover some of the most difficult bass groves from the likes of Level 42, Chic and others has amassed to over 120 thousand views and over 250 subscibers on YouTube.

Like an addiction, James has spent years teaching himself how to record, produce, mix and master his own songs to a commercial-grade, professional standard.

Winning battle of the bands twice at the University of Bath in his band Blues Hawk, James has had countless experience of live performance. His funky style has also gained many fans in his local town of Brixham, South Devon where he plays in his band, Schofield.

The exciting mixture of cover songs and original music makes Schofield a unique and interesting band that is sure to be easily accessible for new audiences.

"One of the most talented, funky bass players I've ever seen!"

- Chris Chambers , Entertainer-Presenter-Producer

"Producing and recording music of a very professional standard!"

- Justin Metti, MAS Records